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What makes Intelligent Research Group different.

We specialize in B2B primary research

Our unique research methodologies enable us to provide unparalleled quality and meet each of our client's specific needs and research objectives. 

We collaborate with clients to produce research that enables confidence in decision making.

We use machine learning to laser target the precise respondent set to meet the research objectives.

We adjust on every survey, to continually ensure quality, precision and exact targeting.

Our research reveals deeper insight

Our clients tell us that we are able to provide differentiated insights that help them define a true understanding of their customers and business strategy.

We provide insight to understand customers

Segment customers by industry, company size, and other categories to understand what drives purchasing decisions. 

We blend strategy with data

As career consultants, we analyze data with a strategic mindset to offer growth oriented business insights.

Best-in-class compliance framework

We value privacy and push to ensure maintaining confidentiality is a key component in our research.

We complete projects at speed

We deliver findings faster than any of our competitors. We're accustomed to rapid timelines and challenging research goals.

Survey launch within 3-5 days

To meet tight timelines, we work continuously from project kickoff to get the survey written, coded, and launched as fast as possible without sacrificing any quality in survey design and programming errors.

Substantial results available within 14-21 days

We have a proven track record of delivering the toughest to reach audiences in volumes of 250+ responses.

Comprehensive analysis with unique insight

We initiate custom analysis while the survey is open to pick up insights as they form. After the survey closes, comprehensive insights are delivered by the team.